Paperless Math

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The rhyme “no more pencils, no more books” is ringing true in Asa Grunenwald’s seventh-grade math class at Westhampton Beach Middle School this year as he pilots a paperless classroom initiative. 

Still in the development stage, Grunenwald has made strides to go paperless by taking full advantage of his classroom’s set of iPads. Although written homework is still issued, nearly all classwork is completed on the iPads. 

Not only does going paperless reduce his class’ carbon footprint, Grunenwald says, but it also has a multitude of added benefits. For one, students are less likely to lose a digital copy of their notes as compared to paper. They are also learning digital organization techniques and have neater work thanks to no more messy eraser marks. In addition, the iPads provide access to online educational resources that supplement the lesson at hand. 

“We are still a hybrid classroom,” said Grunenwald of the transition from paper, “but we are working every day toward expanding this pilot.”